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A Stable Journey is a professional counseling service that utilizes horses to help people approach the obstacles and challenges they face on their life journey.

A Stable Journey offers two types of this experience-based therapy.

Sessions are conducted in a private country setting on Cherokee Ridge Horse Farm’s 160-acre property in Carencro, Louisiana. Both EAC and EAL utilize horses to facilitate an honest and rewarding atmosphere for individuals and groups seeking help for a variety of life challenges. All activities are done from the ground, which means there is no horseback riding. Prior horsemanship knowledge or skills are not necessary.

Each session is planned with the participant’s specific needs and goals in mind. All sessions offer the opportunities for hands-on interaction with the horses which involves completing tasks, behavioral observation, nonverbal communication, problem solving, experimenting, creativity and execution of responsibility. Participants “learn by doing,” discovering much about themselves and learning appropriate ways to face their difficult situations.

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